Discipline To Promote Responsibility & Learning


Discipline without Stress®

 How Teachers and Parents Promote Responsibility & Learning

Discipline Without Stress Punishments or RewardsThis best-selling (50,000+ copies) landmark book shows how to handle every discipline problem, promote responsible behavior, and reduce apathy toward learning. Its contents are quoted in university textbooks for teacher training and in education publications around the world. The book is a “how to” for improving classroom management, reducing victimhood thinking, reducing impulsivity, and for having young people WANT to behave responsibly. This is the latest edition © 2012. 

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Table of Contents


Foreword by Harry Wong
About this Book
About the Author
   Principles to Practice
   The Power of Positivity
   The Empowerment of Choice
   The Importance of Reflection and Self-Evaluation
   Theories We Use 
   External and Internal Motivation
   Rewards and Punishments: Two sides of the Same Coin
   Summary and Conclusion
   The Raise Responsibility System
      Teaching the Concepts
      Checking for Understanding
      Guided Choices
   Summary and Conclusion
   Learning Climate
      Rules vs. Standards, Courtesies and Manners, and Procedures
      Reducing Anonymity
      Classroom Meetings
      Collaboration—Rather than Competition—for Quality Learning
      Reducing Perfectionism
      Impulse and Anger Management
      Conflict Resolution: Solving Circles
       Dealing with Difficult Students
   Summary and Conclusion
   Curriculum & Instruction
   Classroom Management
   Tips for Parents
   Business: A Poor Model for Learning

Sample chapters from the book

Library Reviews

Library Journal Review 

A blending of three subject fields–education, parenting, and personal growth–this work is replete with helpful suggestions that show both teachers and parents how to heighten positive thinking in school or at home, give students and other family members the power to choose, and discover productive means of reflection and self-evaluation. For the past seven years, Marshall has been giving seminars on The Raise Responsibility System, and his solid research, coupled with countless practical examples, makes this a natural and inviting read. His experience in elementary and high schools, counseling, and teacher education, plus his doctoral work in curriculum, counseling, and instruction, serve to deepen the quality of his observations and techniques. Conveniently structured into distinct yet interrelated chapters, the book can be read from start to finish or piecemeal, focusing on particular chapters of concern (e.g., reducing stress, motivating, or promoting learning). The comprehensive bibliography enables the reader to conduct further research. 

Highly recommended for all teachers (no matter what grade level) as well as parents (regardless of the age of the child), this is an important purchase for public, academic, and school libraries.

Midwest Book Review

Discipline Without Stress, Punishments Or Rewards: How Teachers And Parents Promote Responsibility & Learning by education and child development specialist Marvin Marshall is a highly positive guide for teachers and parents seeking to helping young people learn without putting overwhelming pressure upon them in the process. Introducing a system to help parents foster accountability and positive life skills, chapters of Discipline Without Stress, Punishments or Rewards set forth very practical ideas in a reasonable, rational text easily accessible to lay readers.

Discipline Without Stress, Punishments or Rewards is first rate and thoughtful book, highly recommended to teachers and parents of children at all grade levels from preschool through high school.


What Others Are Saying about this Book

“One of the classes I teach in our teacher credential program is the classroom management class. One of the textbooks for the class is your book, “Discipline without Stress, Punishments, or Rewards.” It is an excellent resource that we benefit from a great deal. I point out to the candidates that while college textbooks are often not referred to five minutes after the class is over, your book is a resource that they will want to stay close to for the rest of their teaching career.”

Jim Roy, Ed.D, Education Department, Pacific Union College


“This fascinating, insightful book is more than technique; it has very practical suggestions on 100+ common issues most parents and educators face. It breathes a sound philosophy and way of thinking which empowers us instead of constantly looking to others for solutions.”

Stephen R. Covey, Ph.D., Author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

“This book delivers! It will dramatically improve the quality of your own life and make an astounding difference in your relationships with others.”

John Gray, Ph.D., Author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus

“Marvin Marshall’s insights, innovative ideas, and ingenuity provide a clear plan for raising responsible children. The benefits to schools and families are enormous.”

Gene Bedley, National Educator of the Year, Author of Character Lessons for Life

“The strategies that Dr. Marshall describes for developing humane, responsive, and responsible classrooms are grounded in research AND good practice. They link classroom management concerns to the more fundamental issues of how teachers can create powerful curriculum, teaching, learning, and lasting motivation. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to create a ‘right to learn’ in all classrooms.”

Linda Darling-Hammond, Ed.D., Professor of Education, Stanford University,
Author of The Right to Learn, Director, National Commission on Teaching and America’s Future

“Several years ago, I had the opportunity to do a lengthy interview with B.F. Skinner. I concluded that I do not subscribe to much of what he taught-for example, his rejection of all inferred states such as attitudes and motivation . . . .  Dr. Marvin Marshall’s book addresses a fundamental problem that every society must solve: how to produce individuals who will take responsibility for doing the important tasks that need to get done. He focuses on what is the essence of good citizenship in the home, school, and nation. Using some of the latest findings of social science, Dr. Marshall has developed an approach that enables parents and teachers to help young people grow into responsible citizens and live satisfying and rewarding inner-directed lives.”

Gene Griessman, Ph.D., Author of The Words Lincoln Lived By

“Dr. Marshall is renowned for his expertise in teaching, parenting, discipline, and motivation. This book proves how well he also knows this new generation as his timeless principles are remarkably effective in the new millennium.”

Eric Chester, President and Founder Generation Why, Inc.

“Marv Marshall makes a compelling argument that stress, punishment, and rewards are counterproductive in raising or teaching children. At best they merely create temporary compliance. More likely, they corrode relationships, deter risk-taking, overlook the underlying causes of behavior, and subvert the learning process. Marshall points the way to successful strategies such as reframing perceptions and initiating specific intervention techniques. Parents, teachers, and principals should read this book-and rush to do so.”

Elaine Haglund, Ph.D., Professor Education, Administration, & Counseling,

California State University, Long Beach, CA

“For those teachers and school leaders who want to get serious about improving student achievement, this book will be very helpful. Its attention to classroom management skills, motivating students, and establishing a positive relationship with students are key ingredients to ensuring that students aspire to great things starting with academic accomplishment.”

Gordon Cawelti, Senior Research Associate Educational Research Service,
Former Executive Director, Association for Supervision and Curriculum

Development (ASCD)

“Discipline is not easy in our culture. Our Puritanical past has led to many wrong assumptions about how to channel behavior. In this book, Marvin Marshall shows us how to overcome these counterproductive patterns while promoting responsibility and growth in young people. It is an  important work, and I highly recommend it.”

Jim Cathcart Author of The Acorn Principle – Know Yourself & Grow Yourself

“As parents and educators, we need all the assistance we can get. Marv Marshall helps us reduce our stress and increase our potential success by giving us many helpful ideas. You will find this book filled with insights and proven strategies that can be applied to all age levels.”

Nancy K. Utterback, Ph.D., Professor Education & Character Education, Walsh University, OH

“This book has great payoffs. It shows how to raise responsibility-a basic desire and need of our society. The quality of family life and school life will

improve as the principles of this book are put into practice. School and workplace leaders will make many applications to management practices as well.”

Steve Barkley, Executive Vice President, Performance Learning Systems

“Self-directed people are resourceful. They engage in cause-effect thinking, spend energy on tasks, set challenging goals, persevere, are optimistic, feel good about themselves, and control anxiety. To achieve this human potential, the focus of education needs to shift. Both teachers and students must become internally-driven learners: self-analyzing and self-modifying. Marvin Marshall’s book provides the science, structures, and strategies that further this cause.”

Arthur Costa, Ed. D., Professor Emeritus, California State University, Sacramento Co-Founder, Institute for Intelligent Behavior

“If every teacher, at the beginning of the school year, would share this book with students for just 10 minutes a day, by October, teaching and learning problems would be reduced to a miniscule portion of the day.”

Linda McKay, Director, CHARACTERplus, Cooperating School Districts, St. Louis, MO

“This book should be required reading for student as well as credentialed teachers.”

Dr. Don Brann, Superintendent Wiseburn School District, Hawthorne, CA,

Co-Founder, California Small School Districts Association

“The practical and useful strategies presented in this book make it a must for teachers-beginning as well as veteran. The chapter on teaching will improve every teacher’s skill. The suggestions for reducing anonymity are on the mark, especially for our large high schools. Several suggestions implement the recommendations of the National Association of Secondary School Principals report, Breaking Ranks: Changing an American Institution.”

Anthony Avina, Ed.D., Superintendent, Whittier Union High School District, Whittier, CA

“This book is a quick and enjoyable read, a sound contribution to education, and an excellent investment to every reader. Wise and timeless concepts, along with good sense and practical wisdom, are woven throughout the book in a logical sequence. Dr. Marshall’s book deserves to be read by every teacher and administrator.”

Steve Hammond, Superintendent of Catholic Schools Diocese of Nashville, TN

“This comprehensive book brims with life-enhancing ideas. At a time when student behaviors are at the forefront of American consciousness, this book actualizes theory and provides educators with ideas, skills, and techniques that are eminently practical.”

Robert Wubbolding, Ed.D., Professor of Counseling, Xavier University, Cincinnati, OH